Desktop Hot and Cold Water Dispenser
The Desktop Hot and Cold Dispensers are compressor driven (Type: R314a/35g) to supply cold water quickly and in large quantities.
The Dispenser is bottle fed

• Input Power  220 Volts – 50Hz
• Heating Input   500 Watts
• Cooling Input   112 Watts
• Total Power Input  615 Watts
• Cold Water Output   2 Litres Per Hour (Equal to or Below 10°C )
• Hot Water Output  5 Litres Per Hour (Equal to or Above 90°C )
• Power Consumption  1.5Kw Per 24 Hour
• Dimensions   55cm x 33cm x 36cm
• Weight   13KG

Bottle Options
There are two types of bottles that can be used with the standard water dispensers, there is the standard 18.9 litre water bottle, or the top filling water bottle.
18.9 Litre Water Bottle
Standard bottle used on water dispensers, you would simply remove the bottle from the dispenser fill it at your nearest water supplier and then place it back on the dispenser.
Top-Filling water bottle
The top filling water bottle works by having water manually poured  into the top of the bottle, and the water is then filtered through a filter cartridge in the centre of bottle. The filter removes some sediment and chlorine from the water, making the water smell and taste better.