In-line water Dispenser
• No Bottle required.
• Filling done automatically.
• Water dispenser will give you hot and cold water.
• The addition of an OPTIONAL inline RO system will mean that dispenser will be producing filtered water.
• The RO system will require a connection to a drain point. As the RO unit is filtering to such a fine level the membrane needs to continually flush itself as it runs in order to prevent the membrane from becoming blocked, this results in waste water. The waste water ratio can be as high as 4:1 so for every 1 litre of clean water produced by the RO, as much as 4 litres can be lost down the drain.

Specifications :
Input Power 220 Volts – 50Hz
Heating Input 500 Watts
Cooling Input 112 Watts
Total Power Input 615 Watts
Cold Water Output 2 Litres Per Hour (Equal to or below 10 °C)
Hot Water Output 5 Litres Per Hour (Equal to or Above 90°C)
Power Consumption 1.5Kw per hour/ 24 Hours
Dimensions 100cm x 34 cm x 34 cm
Weight 16 KG